News of year 2019


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated RIGF 2019 participants on Runet's 25th anniversary

Russian and foreign experts discussed global trends in internet space development at the internet governance forum in Moscow more

RIGF 2019: Internet evolution, new technology and women’s role in IT

RIGF 2019 participants will receive the book, “An Introduction to Internet Governance” more

RIF 2019 to mark 25th anniversary of .RU

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ is preparing surprises for RIF participants more

RIGF 2019: Runet’s past and future

Events to mark .RU’s 25th anniversary get into full swing at the forum more

RIGF 2019 registration opens

The 10th Russian Internet Governance Forum will be held on April 8 in Moscow more

Runet’s 25th anniversary to be marked in 2019

The first meeting of the Executive Committee to prepare for the 25th anniversary has taken place more