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TASS – Russia’s government-run news agency and an integral part of the world media system – has been in the media business since 1904. A staff of more than 1,000 and more than 60 foreign bureaus and 70 regional centers in Russia maintain a steady news flow on line round the clock.
TASS generates a diversified line of news and audio-visual products and services in Russian and English, encompassing practically all aspects of society’s life: politics, the economy, business, international relations, science, culture and sports.
TASS is the most pro-active and authoritative member of world and regional media organizations, which maintain relations of partnership with more than 60 news agencies around the world.
TASS: We know!

ComNews Group was established in 1998 and now releases online ICT business media (120 000 unique users a month), monthly business magazine «Standard» (10 000 copies) and annual up-to-date reference book of telecom and broadcasting companies in Russia "Digital transformation. Best practices" - first and only reference book in industry, which collects biographies of people who put the greatest impact in development of digital transformation in Russia. Also conducts market research - COMNEWS Research. Organizes the most significant and large conferences in the field of ICT - COMNEWS Conferences. Annually in partnership with leading market participants and government regulators COMNEWS Conferences holds more than 15 conferences and forums, in which take part more than 7000 delegates.

The information and analytical agency TelecomDaily, created on December 1, 2003, is one of the most popular and quoted in the Russian media. The main activities of the agency are: web-portal, which daily publishes telecoms market news, including articles from our own journalists, best media cites, company news and press-releases; creation of analytical reports on the development of the telecommunications market; organization and holding of public events (press conferences, seminars, round tables, business breakfasts, etc.); conducting research on the quality of Internet access services in Russian cities.

Invest Foresight is a national-level online business magazine on investments, innovations and new economy. It focuses inter alia on breakthrough startups, cutting-edge technologies, most attractive assets, and latest trends in financial markets. The platform’s monthly audience averages one million and includes participants of the national innovative system such as investors, business people, corporate CEOs, researchers, economists, government officials, tech entrepreneurs, experts of development institutions and venture market ecosystem.

Business FM – Russia’s first business radio station. Business FM provides an exclusive product for a small segment of the general public but the most active and influential one, which in minutes must have the full spectrum of information about money. Business FM is a member company of the RUMEDIA group of companies. Broadcasting in Moscow at the frequency 87,5 FM, in Saint-Petersburg - 107,4 FM, in Ufa - 107,5 FM, in Kaliningrad - 101,8 FM, in Ekaterinburg - 99,4 FM, in Krasnoyarsk - 104,2 FM, in Сhelyabinsk – 100,8 FM, in Nignii Novgorod- 107,8 FM, in Novosibirsk - 105,7 FM, in Samara - 90,6 FM, in Kazan – 93,5 FM. – online portal, which included in the network of hosted portals along with Internet resources and These portals are managed by the Publishing House «Региональная ПР-группа». Daily on the published more than 50 news, regularly come out interviews with participants of the IT market, analytical and review materials, descriptions of IT projects. developed together with the providers, perhaps, it became a center of crystallization, around which the future industry created. Soon it transformed from information delivery to more material things – advices, integration, help in implementation of new decisions. Then started to propose not only “advices”, but also telecommunication equipment. In 2003 an internet-shop appeared. Competent pricing policy, all- Russian fame and long-term trust of operators’ community allowed to build an unique model of direct internet-sales in Russia and CIS.

The journal «Vestnik Sviazy» provides coverage of the telecommunications situation in Russia and the CIS. Particular emphasis is placed on policies pursued by intergovernmental organizations involved in regulation of telecom operators and suppliers’ activities.

Daily online media (Digital Russia) is the only one informational resource in Russia, totally devoted to state informatization. It specializes on news and analytical materials about IT in public sector, regional and municipal authorities; e-government in the Russian Federation; state policy in informational technologies; advanced Russian and foreign experience of using IT and creation e-governance; Russia’s position in modern IT-world; Internet governance; global and Russian IT market.

«Mobile telecommunications» – is a scientific-technical magazine, on which pages analyzed perspectives of mobile connection development, broadband access to Internet, Internet of things, information security, information technologies and billing. Also it describes a status of implementation of 4G networks and development of 5G. The magazine publishes analytical and review articles about IKT-sector.

Digital.Report is a respected ICT information and analysis portal in the Russian language, and is partnered with Secdev Group  – a global leader in cyber risk management.

The magazine "CONNECT. The world of information technology" - the leading specialized publication on information technology, communications and information security. The journal is intended for heads of the specialists in the field of it, communications , and information security. The magazine read: the materials experts, technology news, market overviews and key events in the industry. The magazine is published 8 times a year. With a circulation of 15 000 copies.

R-SPECTRUM - trade magazine on telecommunications and information technology; RSPECTR.COM - professional web portal on telecommunications, information technology, and mass communications; conferences and workshops; daily mass media monitoring.

"Pro Business" - the first and only Russian TV channel broadcasting on behalf of a real business. Themes of TV channel: economy and finance, marketing and advertising, online business, sales management, advanced technology, management of the company, the secrets of the success of the first persons, business and society, and others. The coverage of the channel about 4 500 000 subscribers.

RUBEZH magazine is the first Russian lifestyle magazine on the topic of security. Throughout the existence of the RUBEZH Magazine it appears to be a discussion platform for government agents and security market players. RUBEZH Magazine is distributed in the entire country of Russia, CIS- members, Asian region.

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is the largest multiregional media that has a 14 years' history worth providing timely information, analytics, and research in politics and economy to the establishment of Russian regions and the official Moscow. FederalPress is a trademark of Russian regions.

SecurityLab is one of the most popular Russian security resources. The portal publishes news about information security events around the world, security bulletins of software manufacturers, original and translated analytical articles. Important components of the portal are up-to- date data in Russian about all published vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination. Leading information security experts keep more than 100 blogs and publish more than 250 articles per month. SecurityLab provides informational support for key industry events.

Last mile magazine publishes various articles of russian and foreign authors devoted to the latest trends in global communication system – ADSL, WiFi, WiMAX, ETC. The circulation of the Magazine is 4500 copies, the number of editions – 8 times a year. The magazine is distributed purpose-orientedly, by subscription, at industrial exhibitions in Moscow, different regions of Russia and abroad.

Open Systems Publications is a Russian media group established in 1993. We produce a wide range of reputable business, professional, science and popular periodicals for the IT, telecommunications, medicine, and printing/graphic arts, as well as children's magazines. We organize major business forums in IT and digital transformation and practical conferences for IT professionals. We also conduct IT market research. Business information is both our trade and responsibility. – professional specialized electronic web site, which concentrate the interests of all industry participants from consumers to investors. The functional of the new resource incorporates the elements of the portal, the professional network and directory of data centers in Russia and worldwide. Service AllDC represents the knowledge base in all market segments of data centers: it provides information about both the vendors, distributors, integrators, suppliers and consumers of data center services, and their technologies and services. – The first and one of the most visited industry web site, which was launched in 2008. The main focus is on the Russian and western data center market: the largest directory of Russian data centers, the latest industry news, current trends, tips and opinions of industry experts, themed events and photo reports from various data centers and more.

DC Community club is the first site that unites all the events of the data center industry. So you can determine the first start version of the implementation of this project. The site provides information on all events, conferences, forums, their time and venue. On the site each visitor has the opportunity to sort the list of events by date, subject, organizer, read information about the event and reviews, see photos.

PRIME is the leading business news agency in Russia and a subsidiary of Rossiya Segodnya media company. It ranks 1st among the most-cited financial news agencies in the country. PRIME provides data to the Russia's Presidential Executive Office, Russian Government, Bank of Russia and other public agencies as well as to major Russian banks and companies. PRIME subscribers include news aggregators and leading business media. PRIME has an exclusive cooperation agreement with Dow Jones Newswires in Russia, publishing news items on the global foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets. PRIME is also accredited by the Bank of Russia to disclose securities information. The agency acts as a publisher and distributor of the Bank of Russia Bulletin. Besides, PRIME is an official partner of major trading platforms and rating agencies. Through PRIME Inforterminal the agency can broadcast a wide range of data feeds, news and analytic items and macroeconomic data. The agency's portfolio comprises over 40 corporate products and services, such as BIR- Analitik system – a tool for comprehensive corporate analysis and evaluation of business landscape, credibility assessment, identification of customers and market research. Another system – Prime Trading Terminal – is used to manage liquidity, conversion, deposit and credit transactions with bank subsidiaries and customers.

«System Administrator» magazine is a key Russian industry publication for IT professionals, published since October 2002, included in the Russian index of scientific citation - The main task of the publication is to popularize the best developments of IT specialists from different countries. 90% of articles in the journal are of an applied nature, they are supplied with examples, tables, graphic material. It is a desktop tool for IT professionals and those who choose to pursue a career in IT.

«BIT. Business & Information Technology» – edition for owners, managers and top-managers of companies, enterprises and organizations of all activities. The subjects of the articles are economics and investments in IT, business on the Internet, analysis and review of corporate solutions, services and business technologies offered by foreign and domestic system integrators and vendors. In addition to the review and analysis articles, the number contains application materials describing the technologies and economic benefits of implementing various IT. is the unique aggregator that collects IT&Telecom, gadgets and related events: CIO, public services and legislation, electronic document management, fintech, venture, startups, blockchain etc. We cover all kind of events - from huge international conferences to webinars on specific themes. started in 2008 and covers the issues of infocommunication technologies (that's why ICT-Online) on Russian market. The number of visitors is more than 100 thousands per month, number of subscribers who receives everyday maillist is over 2 thousands. The basic sections of ICT- are News, Interviews, Analytics and Projects. Everyday we publish several dozens of articles.

The Finmarket Information Agency was established in 1994 and specializes in providing financial and business information intended for securities market players, including banks, financial, investment, broker and insurance companies, as well as a broad audience of specialists interested in events taking place on Russia’s financial markets. Finmarket provides a full range of original operational information on currency, stock and commodity markets, as well as retail financial services. Finmarket started at about the same time as the Russian financial market appeared and is now considered to be one of the most authoritative sources of financial, economic and business information in Russia. Today, agency offers more than 300 news, analytical comments and forecasts on daily basis and provides digital information about the services in the financial market, coming from hundreds of banks, as well as participants of OTC market and other financial institutions. Since 2007 Finmarket is a part of Interfax Information Services Group.

"Bestsellers of the IT-market" is the only professional periodical analytical publication in Russia on IT and AV markets, analyzing events, trends, conditions and competitive situation. Contains a large amount of reference and analytical information. Frequency: 2 times a year. Audience: participants in IT and AV markets, IT managers of non-computer companies. Circulation and distribution - 20 000 copies. with a wide coverage of the regions. is a specialized online platform, reflecting all aspects and development trends of modern infrastructure technologies, focused on IT professionals who prepare solutions and shape information policy of enterprises in various sectors of the economy. The resource covers a wide range of issues and problems related to the architecture and construction of enterprise-level information systems.

"Politicheskaya ekspertiza" ( is a socio-political magazine, created to cover the most important, topical and significant events in Russia and in the world. The outlet provides the latest news and analytical articles along with multimedia content. features opinions of reputable political scientists, economists and military experts, as well as translations of foreign publications.

«Communication Technologies & Equipment» magazine keeps readers informed of developments on the telecommunications market. It discusses the latest advanced technology solutions and offers product reviews of the best and most popular products on the market. There are features discussing networking technologies, Base Stations, Wireless Access, Satellite Communications, Navigation services, support methods and Information Security. Specialist articles offer technical advice about specific classes of equipment and instructions to ensure effective use.

«Information Security Magazine» is circulated amongst key purchasers of IT security products in Russia and the CIS regions. This guide is the definitive resource for those department heads and managers who are looking to identify and purchase IT security products and solutions for their organization at the most competitive prices. The recipients of this Guide are no nonsense professionals with budget authorization and a desire to purchase quality products.

AK&M, one of the leading Russian news and analysis agencies, delivers daily business, finance and corporate news, publishes weekly reviews of the key sectors of economy and the well-known monthly bulletin MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS

MARKET. Besides, AK&M hosts the information retrieval and reporting system DataCapital containing information about Russian companies, and provides information disclosure services as the duly authorized by the Bank of Russia.
AK&M аlso arranges country-wide and regional conferences and forums.

Сurrently media group INFOX runs three popular internet projects. News site INFOX.RU ( - The Winner of Runet-2009 award in the most prestigious category «State and Society». News aggregator INFOX.SG ( – the partner of more than 70 highly-visited

and influential internet media and thematic sites. Video aggregator INFOX.TV ( - the resource for various video: entertainment, news, business, educational.

IP CLUB is a popular educational and expert project in the area of digital law and intellectual property law, (IP & Digital Law). The project’s title, IP CLUB, is a combination of IP (Internet Protocol) and IP (Intellectual Property). IP CLUB’s mission is to promote the information useful for the development and improvement of Russian law. IP CLUB publishes daily news about legal events in the digital environment in its online communities as well as regular blog posts. The club holds conferences, contests and roundtables and publishes books. Our audience does not consist of students and teachers alone; the bulk of it is made up of practicing lawyers as well as those interested in the development of digital law and intellectual property law.

REG.RU is Russia’s largest hosting provider and accredited registrar of domain names. The company serves over 3,000,000 domains and offers registration in 750 international domain zones. It also provides hosting, mail, VPS / VDS, rental of physical servers, GPU computing and many other services. In 2012, REG.RU became an ICANN accredited registrar. REG.RU offices are located in more than 30 cities throughout Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

RU-CENTER is one of the largest registrars and hosting providers in Russia. The company provides domain name registration services in more than 700 zones, hosting, dedicated servers, SSL certificates, as well as a secure service for buying and selling domains on the secondary market. The first registrar that allows selling domain names sponsored by other registrars in its store. The company also offers website builders and additional services for online businesses. RU-CENTER today is a company with 900,000 clients and 7.4 million registered domains.