Patrick Penninckx — Council of Europe

Patrick Penninckx – Head of Department – Information Society at Council of Europe.

30 years professionally active, 25 spent at the Council of Europe, focusing on transformation processes in the Organisation, developing partnerships with other international organisations and national partners. In the field of Human Resources, Patrick was in charge of human resources policy development, transforming the administrative management of personnel to a competency based human resource policy. Patrick also led the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe through major changes in Membership profile, flexible working methods and innovative human and financial resources management.

Currently Head of the Information Society Department under the Directorate General Human Rights and the Rule of Law at the Council of Europe. This covers Freedom of Expression, Protection of Journalists, Data Protection, Cybercrime and Digital Governance (internet Governance). Key areas of development: Guide on Human Rights for Internet Users, revised Convention on Data Protection, new internet governance strategy and creating a common profile and identity for the Department.

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